I'm a data journalist and a recent graduate of Northeastern University's Journalism master's program. While there, I catered my courseload toward becoming a fierce competitor in the field of data journalism and learning multiple coding languages/libraries. When I think about my role in the industry, I find that my passion lies in the utilization of data as tools for advocacy, and an overall goal would be to increase the public's capacity for data literacy in an attempt to battle the fervent issue of misinformation.

Published work

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Starbucks Union March - The Scope

Reporting on a May Day march organized by Boston-based Starbucks and independent cafe workers fighting back against union-busting. Explores the massive nationwide labor movement taking place across Starbucks stores in the last few months. Written for The Scope and received an "Excellence in Writing" badge from Best of SNO, where it was republished.

City Feed Unite - The Scope

Detailed reporting on a worker-organized rally held in solidarity with a local grocery store and cafe union effort here in Boston. Written for The Scope, Northeastern University's social justice publication.

Boston Cop Track - Storybench

Detailed the process of assembling my master's thesis project at Northeastern University, a searchable prototype utilizing Boston Police Department misocnduct data.

HTML/CSS/D3.js, Illustrator, Excel

A few projects

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Boston Cop Track

My Northeastern Univeristy master's thesis project. A searchable interface containing two decades of Boston Police misconduct data. Look up a BPD officer by their name or badge ID number to see their entire cataloged history of misconduct allegations.

HTML/CSS/JS, Illustrator, Excel

Philly Demolitions Project

Final project for my Design Mapping class at Northeastern. A StoryMaps project containing multiple maps built using ArcGIS online, documenting the disturbing trend of demolotitions of historic sites within the city of Philadelphia — utilizes data sourced from the OpenDataPhilly and includes a data vis graph constructed with Datawrapper.

ArcGIS Online, StoryMaps, Datawrapper

Pitchfork Album Analysis

A combination of two projects constructed for my Visualization Technologies course at Northeastern. Analysis and data vis constructed using RStudio, and presentation itself constructed with HTML and CSS. Interactive data vis chart with filters built using the D3 JavaScript library. Click the David Bowie icon to view the next iteration of that project — focused on Pitchfork's reviews of David Bowie albums.

HTML/CSS/JS, RStudio, Excel